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You can upload any of the files listed below and convert to twitter shortened urls.

Attract new followers for your business tweets by publishing short links with our mConnect 2010 software.

it's extremely easy for followers to search for and find relevant content using Twitter. and your short links to your documents/videos will attract many new followers.

Our mconnect software provides three marketing channels for your to sell digital products based on any of the file formats below.

The complete list if files you can upload, convert and sell are as follows:

3ds 3D Studio 3D Scene
7z 7-Zip Compressed File (use 7-Zip Manager for compression)
accdb Office Access 2007 File
accde Office Access 2007 Execute Only File
accdr Office Access Database Run Time Mode
accdt Office Access 2007 Database Template
arc Oracle Archive Log
avi AVI Movie
bmp Bitmap Image
cda CD Audio Document
csv Comma Separated Values File
dae COLLADA 3D Digital Asset
dbf Oracle Database
dct Dictation Sound Document
des Quickbooks Form Template
dib Bitmap Image
doc Word Document
docm Macro Enabled Word Document
docx Office 2007 & 2008 Word Document
dotx Word Template
dss Digital Speech Standard Document
dwg AutoCAD Drawing
dxf Drawing Exchange File
eps Encapsulated PostScript Document
epx Piranesi 3D Model File
fbx Kayara 3D Data Exchange File
flv Flash Video
gif GIF Image
htm Web Page
html Web Page
iif Intuit Interchange File
jfif JPEG Image
jpe JPEG Image
jpeg JPEG Image
jpg JPEG Image
kmz Google Earth 3D File
layout Premiere Layout
log Oracle Redo Log
mdb MS Access Database
mdi Office Document Imaging File
mdw Office Access Workgroup Information File
mht Archived Web Page
mhtml Archived Web Page
mov QuickTime Movie
mp3 MPEG Audio Stream
mp4 MPEG-4 Video
mpeg MPEG Audio/Video Document
mpp MS Project Document
mpt MS Project Template
nd QuickBooks Network Data File
obj 3D Object
odp OpenOffice Presentation Document
ods OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet
odt OpenOffice Text Document
pdf Adobe PDF File
png PNG Image
pps PowerPoint Document
ppsx Office 2007 & 2008 PowerPoint Document
ppt Office 2003 PowerPoint Document
pptx PowerPoint Document
pub MS Publisher Document
qba QuickBooks Working File
qbb QuickBooks Backup
qbm QuickBooks Portable File
qbr QuickBooks Report
qbw QuickBooks Export File
qby QuickBooks Report File
rde Oracle Online Redo Log
rtf Rich Text File
skp Google SketchUp Document
swf Adobe Flash File
sxw OpenOffice Text Document
text LaTeX Source File
tif TIFF Image
tiff TIFF Image
tlg QuickBooks Transaction Log
vp4 VP4 Encoded Video
vp5 VP5 Encoded Video
vp6 VP6 Encoded Video
wav Wave Audio Document
web Web Page Design File
wma Windows Media Audio Document
wpd WordPerfect Document
wps Works Word Processor Document
wrl VRML File
xlam Excel 2007 Add-in
xls Office 2003 Excel Workbook
xlsx Office 2007 & 2008 Excel Workbook
xml XML Document
xsi VRML File
zip Zipped Web File for Excel & Word Web Pages + Folders

Purchase provides 1,000 free connection clicks to advertise on twitter. You can also add your links to Facebook wall and into your Linkedin profile.

Please read the email that will follow your order for further instructions.

System requirements - an internet connection.

Price free to try,$50.00 to buy