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Investment-Calc PRO IS used by many many users from around the world, including accountants, investors, analysts, consultants and those who want to brush up on their understanding how investment calculations work.

INVESTMENT PLANNER WITH SHARE ANALYTICS: This is complementary to our share analytic information which you can receive regularly following purchase.  From any starting situation input the daily return you can achieve from moving in and out of fast moving momentum stocks, the number of days investment period, the withdrawal amounts you wish to make and discover how much total money you can make using your predictions and forecasts. Adjust your return rate and number of days and keep your final fund value always up to date.

FAIR AND FUTURE SHARE VALUATIONS: Find undervalued shares - follow the template we provide incorporating industry sector benchmarks, showing how a share can be worth twice as much as its current share price. You will need to do some simple research to grab some balance sheet numbers.

KEY FINANCIAL RATIOS: Calculate 50 financial ratios and the trend over five successive periods.  Among the ratios included are:

Rate of Return on Assets (ROA)
Rate of Return on Common Equity (ROE)
Return on Capital (ROIC)
Total Assets Turnover Ratio
Fixed Assets Turnover
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Acid Test
Accounts Payables Turnover
Days Accounts Payables outstanding
Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio
Days Receivables Outstanding Ratio
Inventory Turnover
Days Inventory Outstanding
Interest Cover Test
Altman's Z (Solvency) Ratio.

BOND RETURNS, PRESENT VALUES: Price a time discounted value on any bond, and predict present values for any combination of interest rates and period.

SHARE BETA VALUES: Calculate share beta values (correlation of share price to changes in the market index) for any basket of shares using our spreadsheets - don't rely on the free long term beta values available on the web - they possibly may not reflect current market conditions because of their very lengthy valuation period. 

PLUS INVESTMENT PROJECT TOOLS: Includes Monte Carlo Investment Simulations - Real Estate Investment Simulator.

SHARE VALUE BENCHMARKS: Continual updates to keep your data fresh. Share analytic updates.

Spreadsheets require Excel or Apple Numbers with iPad.

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